Sealing clamp WV

Reusable sealing clamps for longer protection of your resources

Our sealing clamps (reusable) are suitable as a manipulation recognition device to protect the supply line gas/water meter. The transparent plastic permits better supply of the clamp.

The manipulation recognition device is made of two connected half-shells in sizes DN15/ DN20/ DN25/ DN40 and a manipulation-proof seal (personalisation and numbering).

Material: Polypropylene
Colour: transparent
DN 15 ø ½“ / ¾“
DN 20 ø ¾“ / 1“
DN 25 ø 1“ / 1 ¼“
DN 40 ø 1 ½“ /2“

Test the quality of the Plombex sealing clamp WV. We will gladly send you sample copies. Just contact us.